I love food!
I love food, a lot! 

Not average joe food but food that nourishes my soul too.  
I'm one of those people who'd rather cook than go out because I'm better at it than some restaurants.
Some would call me a food snob. And they are right.

I insisted I didn't need any help with meals once the baby came.  

"I can do it...I'm Supermom". 

Where's my humble pie!

So when my friend Melissa said she'd bring over a meal, I didn't even think about refusing.  See, she and I would have lengthy discussions on the baseball sideline about food.  What was in the crockpot for after the game, where we shopped. She's the reason we have hamburger sliders now.

Last night she brought over chicken quarters with cheezy pasta and corn. Oh my goodness, did I eat like a farm hand. It was the best comfort food I could have wanted. I'd been eating salads for days trying to loose the baby weight and this just hit the spot.

She also brought over cake!
CAKE!! I love me some cake!

She's a very talented cake decorator. You should see some of her creations.  He always seems to have clients wanting her cakes weekly.  If I had had normal baby shower she would have for sure done the cake! She also has started a food blog...Check it out!

Not only have I slid off the wagon for meals, I've gone to eating her cake (with some fruit) for breakfast! It kinda like a donut right?!

She also brought over a present for Luke. (like dinner and cake wasn't enough).  We waited for Luke to wake up to open his presnet but he refused.  Thank goodness for older brothers!

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