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I've never been a fan of dogs.  I tried for years to put off getting  a dog because my hubby wanted one for the "kids" (for himself-hunting). Now we have two. One points out the birds, the other one fetches. They're team players.

The dogs are slowly adjusting to life with a little one around but one in particular is having a rough time. Every time she is around Luke she sniffs him up and down. At first I thought she was checking him out but now I'm convinced it's because of all the protein liquids he's spills on "himself" (and me).

I'm sure they will make great protectors of Luke as they are of the older boys.  I've startled the dogs in the middle of the night and they immediately went to protective mode but then realized it was me (thankfully).

Until I can manage a baby, stroller, no snow and two dogs these guys will have to wait for a walk.  In the mean time they can hang out with us!

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