I'm tired of posting stuff about babies. It's consuming my craft room, my blog and soon my life. So let's take a break. No baby stuff today!

How about sports?!?

Which, ironically has also taken over my life. Currently, we spend 6 days a week at a practice, game or scrimmage. On the 7th day (No... we do not rest) we go to the gym or down to the "training center"

The training center sounds so official doesn't it.  It's actually is the storage room in our basement which we've,  and I use the term we've loosely here, that we've turned into an 11 year old's sports mecca.

Right now we are in the final stages of Basketball so obviously we are getting ready for Baseball season.  With almost 6 feet of snow on the ground it's clear we need to practice this one inside.

  I sit on the exercise ball and put balls on the tee for him to hit into the green netting.  I have yet to excercise with the big blue ball. I just use it for sitting on.   But just you of these days....

If you think that's a lot of bats...that doesn't even cover the ones in the trunk of hubby's car. They don't roll around because they are surrounded by catchers gear, pop-up nets and several batting and catching gloves. 'Cause you never know when you've got to pull over and hit some baseballs.

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