Baseball and Hot Chocolate

Oede11 (our eldest) was 4 weeks old when we took him to the Hormel Classic, a Tournament with the Minnesota Gophers Baseball team.

We with every subsequent child we like to get them to their first baseball game before it's even close to being seasonably warm. Saturday was no exeception. We managed to get 7 people out the door for an afternoon game at Target Field.

Grandma and Grandpa from Wyoming were in town to meet Luke.

It was fairly cold by the middle of the game so I snagged some hot chocolate for everyone.

I didn't even notice the Caribou Coffee cup I was holding until it was almost done. I've never read thier cups before, cause I'm usually driving, so this one took me by surprise. It seems very appropriate to the situation not just baseball.

"Get your uniform dirty"
(After 3 hrs and no boob pump, I was leaking like a rusty bucket)

"Don't fear the kiss cam"
(I'm fearing the 6 week check up and what happens after that :))

"Stay awake! Touch 'em all"
(I'm living on coffee; give me an IV)

"Stop and smell the fresh cut grass"

Here are the guys that take care of the grass. They are all under 30 and mega manly (Ye haw!). What do you write on your resume to get that kind of job, 'been cutting grass since I was 14?'

They do a fantastic job!

"Teach your kid to keep score"

He already knows how.

"stay for the last pitch"

It doesn't say 'stay up for the last pitch'

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