The Chub

All of you ladies out there that have had children know what I'm talkin' about.

It's that "thing" in front where the baby used to be.  That "thing" that hangs over your sweatpants.  That "thing" you can't wait to be rid of.

Two weeks and 6 days after giving birth to Luke I still have it.  The Chub.

I thought about giving it a name like Bertha or Norma rather than "The Chub". The kind of name you'd call a Great Aunt who likes to bake pies and wear aprons. But in doing that, I thought that would entice it to stay around a while.


I went back to work today teaching an after school program two weeks and 6 days after having a baby.  There is a reason behind a six week maternity leave and I found out one reason today.

After I'd been teaching for 2 hours ( on 4 hours sleep) and I sat them back on the carpet to say thanks (blahh...blahh) one girl raises her hand to ask me a quick question before I spend the next hour driving home.  She asks "Are you pregnant?"


I politely said "No. Remember it takes 9 months to grow a baby and I gave birth 3 weeks ago. But thanks for asking".  What happened next took my breath away.

She looked at the friend sharing the beanbag chair with her and they both started laughing hysterically. Clearly they had talked about it before hand and were not pleased with my response.

I am trying to process what these 11 year old girls did logically.  But with my overly anyltical, anxiety racked, sleep deprived brain I keep asking myself the same questions.:
  • Should I be ashamed of my chub? 
  • Dude, I had a baby 3 weeks ago?  
  • Why did I have that candy bar today!?
  • If I'm breastfeeding I'm burnging 500 more calories, right?
6 weeks of maternity leave is to gain some sanity, find a few more hours to sleep and to get rid of (or try to get rid of) the chub. Right?


By the time I made it back home, in traffic and starving to death, I'd come full circle.  And I'm here to announce...

I've EARNED my Chub
I'm PROUD to have a Chub
I LOVE my Chub.

(at least for another 3 weeks)

This is one of the pictures you get when you Google "The Chub"


  1. Oh yes, the infamous chub....I still say hello to mine every morning and evening, almost 3 months post-delivery...granted, it is almost hidden now with clothes but as far as I can tell, remnants of it will remain forever, short of plastic surgery.

  2. I'd love to have one that hides behind cloths but mine just likes to play peek a boo over whatever pants I squeeze into. Do I really have to have salad again today? The answer is yes, because dinner was at 9:00pm and consisted of 2 candy bars and a glass of wine!


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