Giveaway hint

Next Monday marks my 200 blog post (and it's ironically my birthday). As a present to you, I've got something special in mind and I wanted to give you a heads up because I like you guys...cause you like me! (I hope)

Here is a hint.
Any guesses? If you're right, you get an extra entry. Just leave a comment.  If you're reading this on Facebook Click Here

The only person not allowed is my favorite Bibelot friend... you know who you are...since I spoiled it for her, plus she already owns them.

Friends and family are included because...well.. nobody else reads my blog anyway!


  1. Felted wool button?

    Really I have no clue, but always in awe of your amazing creations!

  2. Looks like a close-up of a dust bunny? Even if it was, I'm sure you could make it look great :)

  3. Ok, my initial reaction was: Hmmm, interesting door knob cover...then I thought, no, surely it's a close up of a button or perhaps a felted hat or um, a tennis ball? Kurt said pin cushion, so obviously we are clueless.


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