His Mecca

Any 8 year old boy who is deeply religious about his Lego Bricks will tell you that any opportunity to get to a Lego store is like visiting the pearly gates.

I'm not sure that my Oede8 would use those exact words but the meaning is quite the same.

People take vacations to come to the Mall of America for shopping trips. Me, I live 15 minutes from it and I avoid it like an OB appointment.  Why?? (that's a whole 'nother post in and of itself)

I will have to say, the Lego store is better laid out after the remodel.

The wall behind the cash registers.  Oede8 says "how do they get all the way up there to get the Legos?" He's very practical.

The Lego Structures on top of the store.

Loved the clean modern lines. The shelves where perfectly displayed.

Why is he always missing the cool stuff?  His first stroller ride. Thanks Lauren W. for the borrow!

 BTW, I'm teaching a Lego Arts kids camp this summer.  It's full right now but you can get on the wait list.

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