Inspired by Illustrators


When I teach, especially kids , I have two main goals:  
  1. Is this project relate-able? Can there be an application for the skills I teach in life? Like sewing on a button, for instance.
  2. Can this the students feel confident enough that by the end of our time together, they repeat this project or be inspired to create something similar?
One fiber class I've come up with that I like to present to early elementary kids is "Inspired by Illustrators".  Reading is such important skill to learn and be excited about when kids are young.  One way to engage then with this process is illustrations.  I've translated several well known books and their illustrations into projects centered around my passion, fiber arts.

An author/illustrators who is very talented and recognizable is Eric Carle. Basically, he paints paper and then collages those pieces together to create his illustrations.  For my application, we read one of his books so the kids have a jumping off point,  paint wonder-under ( a fusible web, kinda like glue in solid form for fabric), iron it on fabric, and add additional embellishments to make our own collage.

Then for additional classes we read and get inspired by other illustrators like Leo and Diane Dillon from Verna Ardema's "Why do mosquitoes buzz in peoples ears" and Leo Lionni's "Frederic".

I remember many books when I was a child were the illustrations were inspiring like "Corduroy" and "Babar"

What are your favorites?
I'd love to adapt your favorite!

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