I've been waiting for Luke to be big enough to wear this but I just can't wait any longer!

I found this free pattern on Martha Stewart and just had to try it.

This pattern was printed off at home and I didn't need to enlarge it for a larger size (yet).

I could have chosen a shorter "shirt" version but I knew Mr. Man would need a little warmth.  Which is why I chose this green flannel too.

Honestly, it was leftover from this project.  But I'm glad I had it.

Who knows where I got this double fold bias tape from. Could be from Great-Grandma's sewing box, could be from the Thrift store but all I know was it was a Godsend. They had me gerryrigging my own...are you kidding me?  I'm using the premade stuff.  I only wish I had a narrower version.

My disclaimer:  Sorry "Martha" but the directions were poorly written and the pattern was not complete (no markings for the ties). Don't try this if you are a beginning sewer.  You will be lost and frustrated. I was, so I winged it and it turned out with a few noticeable mistakes.(but I still like it)

I asked Hubby if I could add rick-rack even though it's a boy. His response was "What's Rick-Rack?". Case closed!

God must have known I was going to have a red head. I bought a lot of brown and green!

Sorry... gratuitous baby shot!

I can't help it.
I need therapy!

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  1. Hee cute. Love the kimono. I had a shorter version in pink about 5 years ago but it is long gone. We loved it too! ;)


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