Along with being a Food Snob and a Princess, I've now declared myself a Penophile. 
That's right, a PENophile.

And it's all Hubby's fault.
I was writing in Luke's baby book with my trusty fine tip Sharpie.
And it bled through the paper...
I hate when it does that.
I complained (of course) to my hubby who is more of a PENophile than I, says "Here, try this."

The pearly gates opened up and I found the new love of my life. 
I love how fine the tip is and how smooooooooth they write!

I've been using them to write thank yous, grocery lists and IRS checks.
Then possibilities are endless!

They come in blue and red too! 

Is it bad to brainwashing the next one too!

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