I love the Mail-woman. She always has treats for the dogs and she brings my Amazon packages to the door.  The only time I don't like her is when she rings the doorbell. Along with the UPS guy and my kids who like to pretend they are Jimmy Johns delivery guys.

Doorbells aren't supposed to wake up newborn babies 'cause they sleep a lot. All newborns EXCEPT my Luke.  He's a cat napper during the day and is so tired by night only wakes up once.  I shouldn't complain about the night feedings but trying to get anything productive done in the span of 35 min before he wakes up again is silly.

So to ward off the door knockers and ringers I came up with a little project.

I typed my message on Word with the font I liked.  Printed it out and taped it to my light box.

I used a water soluble pen to trace the letters.

And I started stitching....

Here is the finished product.. A door hanger.

I got these command strip hangers on sale just in case.  Didn't want to put it on the door because knowing my family, It would end up on the floor.

Looking back I should have added some rick-rack or piping at the edge but I was hurrying...
Guess who was waking up...

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