Upscale Burp Rags

The 'plain jane' diapers that I use for burb rags were...well...plain.

There's no reason I can't jazz things up a bit. Some of you asked about the burp rag in this picture, so I decided to expand on this a little bit.  So although I could make a tutorial there really is no hard rules to this. 

Taking plain ribbon from the craft store I just cut a length of ribbon a little bit longer than the diaper and sewed it on either side turning the raw ends under. I placed it off center because if I put it down the middle, it looked like a road. The only special trick is to wash the diapers first to shrink them before putting the ribbon on.

I deceided to use sports themed ribbon (shocking, I know) but feel free to use whatever type and width of ribbon you want. 

This makes a great personalized baby gift!
~and it's easy!~

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