Giveaway Day!

Wondering what this is?

Some of you guessed...not 100% accurate but close!

You were right about one thing, it's made out of wool and it's felted.
Felted?  It's when you throw your husbands wool sweater in the washer and dryer and then your toddler can wear it.

They are wool dryer balls!

(I know you're saying...what is she thinking??)

Why use wool dryer balls?

1. These wool dryer balls are made with pure wool sweaters to absorb water (to help cut down on drying time). The balls also help to separate the clothes and promote the circulation of warm, dry air in the dryer.

2. Reduce static

3. Soften and fluff your laundry gently. The wool dryer balls speed up the drying time and soften up by gentle friction of the felted wool fibers against your clothing fibers, whereas the rubber or plastic dryer balls can tear at fabric. The woolen balls help fluff up large items like quilts or comforters to dry evenly.

4. Use in place of dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener

Plus they are from used sweaters that I um.....shrunk, whoops!

I had to do a little investigation to get the size I wanted! 

Made the template and started cutting, sewing and stuffing.
To get three of these puppies, Just leave a comment telling me you're favorite hint because I'm trying to get WHITE baseball pants clean. (White...why not black, uniform orderer person!)  Giveaway will be close at 11:59pm May 8th.
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  1. My grandma always said Lava soap
    Molly O

  2. i use oxyclean to get stains out. i've also heard that lye soap works?

    taraz9 at excite dot com


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