Gotta love it


I always thought babies looked like aliens when they popped out.  Misshapen heads, sucktion cup bruses, "plevic bone" noses.  All babies except for mine of course:)  Especially Luke. He was the perfect looking kid-no blemishes what so ever.

Well now I've come to regret those thoughts. The last 5 weeks we have witnessed, first hand, the power of an ugly baby.  First he had baby acne, then a rash, then dry skin on his perfect little face.  And then there is the hair. Oh the hair. It is red or orange to be exact and about 2 inches long.  Not 2 inches all over his head but it's only in the reverse mans bald spot.

After about 2 months of wondering what to name it (I think naming it is a rare distiction), I've finally done it. 

Sloth hair!

Remember the movie Goonies and there is the character Sloth.  Take a look and compare the two.

Add a massive amount of Cradle Cap and it's a perfect match!

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