Mom Awards

I was asked a a few non sports related friends, "What are you doing on Mother's Day, got big plans?".
My answer is always...
Every year we spend the entire day watching and playing baseball. We've also added a dash of soccer to make the day really special (insert sarcasm here).
I wanted the mothers on my son's baseball team feel as though the pain of childbirth and the sleepless nights didn't go unnoticed this year. So with the help of their sons I made them some awards.

I had to try out my new Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board, which would work perfectly if it kept balls and strikes but served me well on my crafting adventure.

I scored paper 1/2 inches apart

Then cut them into strips 1.75 inches wide to make the rosettes.

Lots of layers later...They look great!

I used more hot glue on this project than any other ever, but they were well worth the effort. I loved the personalized message from my little short stop to me! I'm sure the other mother's felt the same way. Sometimes mom's can be number one too!

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