The Mother load

Luke went for his 2 month old check-up. Growing well, development great except he's been blessed with a red head's skin. His new nickname is Mr. Flaky. It should be Mr. Rashy Flaky but I think it would hurt his feelings.

Dr O'Brian, yes, he's a good old fashioned Irish red head too, suggested a plethora of products for his ailing skin.  More on that later but here I finally come to the point.

Apparently, if you use a formula with "partially broken down proteins" aka fussiness and gas formula, It aids in reducing skin irritation. My first thought, honestly was...


He runs out of the room and grabs me two small cans of a suggested formula for which I am truly thankful. Then Char, my beloved nurse Char, mentions that she can call the Enfamil Rep and get me a case.

A Case.


All I had to do is drive 20 minutes round trip to get it.

As my sister says, "Score!"

Plus each comes with a $5 coupon
Double Score

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