The next generation

Oede11 decided to do his big research project of the year on the history of the Broncos.  I was not surprised he didn't pick a topic that wasn't about his biggest passion.  The boy practices his arm motions for both football and baseball unconsciously while asking me what's for dinner, while thinking about math problems and while brushing his teeth (don't ask).

The research project required a 3 dimensional object to be created. 
He picked Invesco Field, home of the Broncos.

This didn't seem to daunting since I have had experience in stadium building.
In 6th grade, I did my big research project on the Roman Colosseum. It was fun, but took weeks to build.  My dad routered out a circle on a piece of plywood where I placed my vertical walls and attached the "stadium seats" to that.  There were two huge mistakes that I dared not repeat for my eldest.

1.  Make the plywood to big.  My stadium was 3.5 feet in diameter. Not exactly portable.
2. Pick inexpensive building materials.  About half done with covering the cardboard with clay I ran out.  I can picture my mom's face when she said "You need more clay!?!?" when I asked her for more.  I swear she spent $50 bucks just on clay.

With those innovations and mistakes in mind we got to work. Using cheep crafter's paint and soda carton cardboard.

A ribbon field with felt grass and pipe cleaner uprights.

I saw on the "Ace of Cakes" how they used sprinkles to simulate people in stadiums.  I think it really worked. The fans are "rushing" the field after a Superbowl win.  {honestly, I could figure out how to get the sprinkles off without vacuuming up the entire field, felt and all.}

Our next big project...a scale model of the Stanley Cup.
Just kidding.

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