Video magic

Yesterday was fairly smooth.
Except I forgot a tiny peice of leather which resulted in 30 minutes of scratching our heads.
Oh...And except for one 30 second segment that took 45 minutes to film because I got my numbers mixed up.

No wonder movies take for ever to make.

Here are some snapshots that I took.  Not a lot since most of the time the crew was waiting on me! :)

This is Mandy and Ben they own 7rendered design. 
They are fabulously nice and very talented videographers- Check out their video clips!

One of the projects is a woven belt made from corduroy shirts.

I showed how to use a freezer paper stencil on a white sweatshirt.

Today we are @ the Salvation Army to shop for our finds.  Kinda backwards, but that's how we roll!

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