An Artist's House

I had the great pleasure of touring the home of Vicki.  She was the one who choose me to come and teach her students to quilt.  She works in many media and I was astounded how many pieces were displayed with-in her adorable home.  She is prolific!

She got this 'Bow Tie' quilt top from an auction.  3 tops for 6 bucks! This is the only one she kept after quilting.  Gave the rest away to friends!  Generous indeed!

Why she asked ME to do a hand piecing/quilting class, I'll never know.  She has exquisite craftsmanship shown in this 'Dresden Plate'

This is a 'Quilt Around the World'. Everywere it travels the recipient puts another border on.

I've never seen a yo-yo constructed like this!
She teaches crazy quilting to some advanced art students. A true teachers statement right there!

A shaded 'Log Cabin'.


She says this 'Grandmothers Flower Garden' has over 900 pieces.  It graces her bed at the moment.


This is a pleated quilt.  I'm not exactly sure how it's done but it is not quilted just pieced...on purpose.

Her loving husband Kendell has severe MS and only has use of his left hand.  Before he was confined to his bed, which this quilt rests, he painted this picture.  He loved to hunt and fish. 

I was very blessed  by this woman.  It's amazing that I'd only known her 4 days yet we were kindred spirits!

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