Bribery is such a bad word, but I can't come up with any other way to describe this.

School is (FINALLY) out! Which mean brain drain literally starts 72 hrs after the last bell rings for my boys.

Oede11 hates to read so I've devised bribery system to make him read even more.  It's called...

The Oedekoven Summer Reading Program
(whew, that was a tough title to come up with)

No Library with a summer 'tote-bag-if-you-read' program will work on my children. They require some serious prizes.

At first when I was putting out 'feelers' to see if they were even interested in this incentive program they came up with a list a prizes and here was my reaction.
  1. IPad - 'excuse me'
  2. IPod Touch - 'tap, tap, tap is this thing on'
Bring it down to earth boys...
  • soccer ball
  • batting helmet
  • video game
  • poster of Tim Tebow/ Le Bron
  • Legos
  • Albert Pujols Jersey
  • Baseball hat
That's more like it.
I printed out blank calendars for them to record their minutes.

Then made a list of rewards based on minutes read

I figure it will cost me about $100 bucks per kid for the summer. Which may sound like a lot but I spent way more than that for Oede11's reading tutor last summer.

I wonder if hubby can come up with an incentive program for me to clean the bathrooms!

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