Project rewind

There are many projects that I've done over the years. The problem is that they are rarely documented or forgotten about.  While crawling through the archives for a different purpose I found this gem.

I made rice bags for my friend Jen's three kids. You heat them up in the microwave and put them on sore muscles etc.

Hi Jen!

She watched my Luke last week on her day off so my husband could go into the office while I was 5 hrs. away working. I'm working on a wall hanging for her.  And no I'm not spoiling the surprise, she asked me to do it... ahem.. 3 years ago. oops!

I have no process pics or tutorial but a link to what pattern I think I used.  Looks familiar anyway.
Sew, Mama, Sew has wonderful patterns/tutorials and inspirational ideas for us sewer people.

Yes, I'm a sewer person. Better than the alternative...whatever that is!

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