Girl time

We had the pleasure of having my sister, and her two daughters visit us a couple of weeks ago.  They had never met the Luke-enator except through Skype.

As a surprise, after I picked them up at the airport, I whisked them away to the Mall of America for their first and only (non baseball) outing during their week long stay. Record setting heat and a government shutdown kinda put a damper on our plans.

As I've stated before, I'm not a big MOA fan but for my nieces I absolutely made an exception.

I made lunch reservations at the American Girl Store.

Pink was in abundance.

 Luke was screaming as we entered the store and headed for the escalator.  Just as we were rounding the corner there was a Dad looking very "enthusiastic" either from the amount of estrogen or the money flying out of his wallet.  Anyway, he looks at Luke, hears his screaming and says, "I feel your pain, man."

Seriously,  I can't make this stuff up.

You could borrow a doll if you couldn't bring one. HJ drank all of "Charlotte's" Lemonade

Everything was star shaped shaped.
Great Marketing!

The girls were amazed by the amount of attention paid toward the shape of thier food.  "Wow, look at that".  My boys would have said, "what'd they do that for".

My other niece, Double A

I think I'll call her that from now on. Sounds like she's a spy.

We had to meet the girl of the year.

We had a good time, great food (surpisingly).

Will I go back?

Only to torture my boys.

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