The Artist

I get asked a lot if my kids are artists.  I understand the reasoning behind this.
Archie Manning's offspring are Payton and Eli. 
Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Ken Griffy and Ken Griffy Jr.

That's just sports figures... what about actors?
The Baldwins
The Douglas'
The Sheens

You could throw in musicians
Hank Williams and Sons
Judy Garland and Liza Minelli

But how many offspring of artists can you name?
For one thing I don't even know if these guys had kids.  And if they did, which it doesn't spring to mind for me,  were they good at art too?

Although I'm not famous or a great artist (thank GOD), nor do I ever aspire to be, what makes the chance of my kids being artists?

Oede9 likes to draw. He also likes to play piano.  Both of which he's good at.
Here are some of his drawings that were laying around the other day.

He has tittled this one "Battle of Midway 2"
-he loves to read war books

Again another war picture. He explained all about the U boats in WWII.
-yes my son has some interesting tastes.

To get back to the question, 
"Are your kids artists?"

Only if they want to be.

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