Cancer Survivors

I've been teaching a class titled "Journey to Wellness".  All participants have been diagnosed with cancer and are in various stages of treatments and cures.

The first week I had them draw their face which I scanned into the computer to print out onto fabric. 

Then in the next 3 weeks we dyed our own fabrics to use in our art quilt.

Composition begun shortly after that and here are some of our quilts.

Mrs. S. had her long awaited reconstructive surgery the day of the last class so I quilted it for her.  She is at the beach enjoying the day in Venezuela! I wish I could have delivered it to her personally but rules, are rules. 

Mrs. B is a wonderful woman who is a survivor of pancreatic cancer.  I remember the first few classes where she was so worried about what the final quilt would look like.  Her transformation from controlling the outcome of her art to relaxing and enjoying the process was incredible.

Mrs. B has a Masters in Fine Art and it showed. She loves the movement of the lines on the fabric.  She changed her face 4 times until she got it right.

Mrs. B loved her circles and most importantly learned that free motion quilting was fun!  I know I'll see her in a November class at the Textile Center.

What a fantastic group of woman from whom I've learned a lot about life, letting go and accepting myself as God made me.  
I will miss you ladies!

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