Jewels from the canning shelf

My mother is the best combination of new and old school.
She e-mails, texts, re-sizes pictures
Gardens, knits and can's.

This is one of their canning shelves in the basement.

Mom and Dad live on my grandparents family farm for 6 months of the year.  The good months, they would say.  Winter stinks there but summer gives them a beautiful bounty.

This is the email, complete with pictures, I received from Mom the other day, relishing in their harvest!
"Dad pulled two 5 gallon buckets of beets Thurs morning...
 and by 9:00 pm we had:

25 pints beet pickles.....mmmmmmm!
26 pints canned beets
1 quart beet pickles brewing in the fridge

My nails are still black!!!  Sorry you missed all the fun!!!! ;)"
I know she has rubber gloves to peel and dice all those beets but what's the fun in that.
It's a good thing everyone else in my house hates beets.  I adore them.  I thinking we could do a little barter...beets for having another grandchild?  I'll have to think about that one...

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