Monster Mash

I love substituting for classes.  Really!!

I don't have to come up with a concept, write a class description or shop for supplies. Sometimes I need to make a sample but that is about the extent of it besides teaching the actual students.

Our Lady of Grace, OLG ers to me, stopped by the Textile Center for a tour and a class.  I taught them of my favorites...
Monster Mash!
Using fabric crayons the students drew their monsters on paper.

Then we (thanks Kyle) ironed them onto felt.

We cut them out with a backing, stuffed and stitched them together. 

I always take away something from my classes.  A new perspective on life, an encounter with new type of  personality or a funny quip.

This one little guy was completely unforgetable.  He was concentrating so hard on his sewing his tougne was hanging out of his mouth.   I said, "He buddy, you're drooling?"

He very seriously responded, "It's my hobby."

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  1. I'm a librarian who is having the Monster Mash class at my library. Could I use your photos to advertise for the event?


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