I believe there is always a kitchen gadget that every household cherishes. Each house is different, but if you took a poll on the street, 90% of people would have a definitive answer.

For the baker, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. For the cook, a Le Creuset Dutch Oven. For the bachelor, maybe it's the microwave.

While I love baking, cooking, and all things food, I could come up with a whole lot of answers to the kitchen gadget question.  But right now I have one that is really coming in handy:

the Scoop!

I love them so much, I have four different sizes!
They all have oz. measurements but I have names for them biggest to smallest.
  • Ice Muff
  • B-Food
  • CCmuff
  • Lope
 Yes I'm weird...
Ice Muff?

A cross between the Ice Cream scoop and exact muffin batter measurer.


My Baby Food scoop!
Scoops into the ice trays perfectly with no mess.
The mess comes later.




I double my chocolate chip cookie recipe, bake half and scoop the other half of the dough on sheet pan  and freeze.  Helpful for last minute playdates.(or a late night craving of cookie dough ..ahem...not me of course)


Cantelope scoops for fruit salad.

Imagine a beautiful fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries, fresh pineapple, and cantelope 'cause I don't have a picture. 

And maybe you don't want to imagine perfect scoops of cantelope, my friend B would get sick if she did.
Imagine that!
Happy Monday!!

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