Wedded Bliss

For 12 years my husband and I have been married. As with all good marriages there are some ups and downs...

...just like our golf game.

With a new baby, Hubby and I haven't spent much time on the greens.  We decided to go golfing with another couple and dinner at the club house after.

I love me some manicured rolling hills and trees to clock into.

On the 8th hole we had a little water hazard called a LAKE.


The guys had to hit over and inlet of the lake.  Us ladies got a freebee an hit our first shot on the other side of it.

Then to get over the lake, a helper guy loaded our carts onto a pontoon.  Apparently only a handful of golf courses in the country have a ferry involved in their course.

I feel so priviledged.
Perfect time to have a beer, order a sandwich for the turn or enjoy the fading daylight.

The perfect cap to a swell day,
'cause we stink at golf!

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