Gopher football

Hubby was golfing one beautiful Saturday morning so I decided to take the boys on a "field" trip.  To TCF Bank Field. Home of the Golden Gophers!  They were having an in house scrimmage before the official season started last week.

We sat in the expensive seats but not at the 50 yard line like I had planned.  Mama needed to shower (badly) so we were kinda late.

In full maroon and gold regalia we sat and enjoyed the scrimmage.  It was hard to follow 'cause they kept bringing the ball back and running the plays over again. Unfortunately they kept bringing the ball back to the other end of the field. ~~Sigh

Then the kids started messing around. ~~~Double Sigh... Sometimes they think Luke is this really cool toy that smiles when they smile at him and they play dress up too. Although Luke doesn't have any gopher gear so we had settled earlier that morning on a generic football outfit.  It usually is a group decision.

Like I was saying, they got squirmy and then we left.

A week later we got a thank you note from the new Coach. How sweet!  I wonder if he'll be around when Oede11 gets ready to go to school.  I can see it now: He'll either pick a school as far away from his overbearing mother as possible or one very close to home.  I'd rather he never grow up and leave the house at all.

Just an FYI for ya...bricks on the top of the head don't work! I'm coming up with a plan B for Luke.  I'll keep you posted. 


  1. No kidding! That kid has GROWN!

  2. He getting up on all fours now. Time really flies!


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