Lego Arts

Every summer I teach a week of Lego Art camp.  I am always amazed that for  3 hrs a day, four days straight the kids never get bored with building with Lego Bricks.

While we make structures, vehicles, forts and whatever their imagination holds, we also prepare all week for making individual student videos with a story line (which hopefully includes a plot).

All the parts needed for their video must fit into each child's container- with the lid on!.  Try telling an 8 year old that the project he has worked on for 6 hrs smashed into pieces because someone knocked it off the table. And the person who knocked it off the table was the teacher.  Oh no...not me... ;)

The Lego bricks were not sorted at all. Only "guys and accessories" were in a different bin.


After the movie viewing party on the last day the kids built cars to race on the track I had built.

All quilters know will what the green tracks are! My rotary cutter mats turned over with blue painters tape.  Necessity is the mother of invention!

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