I was at a Sportsman Show...
...when I saw a booth sandwiched between the jerkey dehydrators and turkey calls.  This booth had not a Thomas Kincade type of art but digital map art.

They look like ordinary maps but they are digially enhanced. Appartently LakeMaster takes an aerial photo enhances the colors of the land and changes the color of the lake depending on its depth.   I ordered one for my Dad because the family farm is located on Waubay Lake. He's also map-o-phile.

At first I wasn't sure about adding the depth rings on the lake but in the last 12 years the area has had severe flooding which had raised the lake to it's post glacial size.  If you look at the picture you'll see a L shaped road that is now under water and will be for a very long time.  Maybe my kids will see how it used to be, just like Dad remembers it.

My husband proposed to me by my favorite thinking log on that lake. Its right by the southernmost clump of trees.  The log is underwater now. Oh well.  I still got the ring!

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