Sewing Lessons

I had the great pleasure of teaching some Project Runway wannabees this summer for some private sewing lessons.  It was fun to see their creativity and help them turn their ideas into reality.

We started off learning to make pajama pants from a pattern.  I think it's a necessity to learn to read a pattern and learn how to do it correctly before venturing out on your own. How are you going to know how construction works otherwise?!!

Here they are pinning and cutting.
Boring but necessary!

Adding accents like pockets and ruffles make a pattern personalized.

We then moved on to t-shirts.  I showed them how to make flowers, pleats and ruffles to make theirs like the high end stores which cost around twenty bucks.
Twenty bucks for one t-shirt?!?!
They could afford private sewing lessons so I guess they aren't hurting.

Using those utilitarian stitches on your machine in a contrasting thread make this ribbon/seam binding combo look special. Try it!

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