To Do List

Both older boys and hubby were gone last weekend. So if you did the math correctly, that left Luke and I at home alone.  

I have no idea how single parents do it. 

To pass the time a bit...
Pass the time?!? 
yeah right...I could have sat my rotund behind on the couch and watched copious amounts of the Bravo and Food Network channels. But since I am so very far behind on my housework I put together a list in Oede9's Spiderman notebook.  A list that kept growing. 

Yes..and I even wrote stuff down that wasn't on the list just so I could cross it off.  
Admit've done it too!

While cleaning out the refrigerator  in my bathrobe I had a rewind moment.  I remember watching my mother wash out the fridge in her bathrobe using knitted dish rag and an ice cream pail.  Up until that Saturday I had always used paper towels and spray cleaner.  What possessed me to use a knitted rag and pail is beyond me.  But what I do know is that when the opportunity arises to clean the fridge you do it wearing whatever you have on...Sunday best or otherwise.

And it worked! While Luke was snoozing I not only got the fridge cleaned out but also the freezer and pantries.
4 down, 22 to go with 48 hrs. left.
I felt like I was one of those reality challenge shows. Boy, wouldn't watching me cleaning in my pj's be riveting!

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