Sun Resist Painting

I love having a mix of homemade papers as well as store bought ones.  It creates a great contrast in ethereal and rigid design.  But in this case I couldn't help but just use this paper solely in my #listersgottalist April Challenge - day 17 (for more info on that visit @theresetgirl on IG- awesome challenge - awesome inspiration) 

Here is a close up of the finished paint before dry decoration.

Starting with some mixed Media Paper, I squirted Transparent Setacolor paint from squeege bottles.  But you can use paintbrush etc as long as it's diluted per the instructions

Yes, totally random squirt.  Just make sure you are dealing with only warm or only cool colors for a cohesive look.

Remember your color wheel?  By buying only 3 colors you can make a rainbow!

Then  I placed Micheals die cut paper on top but think about useing leaves, branches, words letters....whatever you have on hand. Allow to dry in direct sunlight for 2-3 hours...the longer the sunlight the heavier the design.  You can do this also on a sunny window sill.  

The kiddos are getting in on the action too.  An yes that is my foot!!

Here is a close up of the cut circles after I stamped using Versacolor with StudioL2e Hilight-it New Release and some free style scribbles.

Try it! It costs less than a pad of paper and you'll make 3 times as much!

You can see more student work here too!

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