How I physically organize my digital files on paper....

In better terms, how I see what digital journal cards, script, stamps or elements are in my personal electronic file folders!

I always use my phone, which is also my camera, to edit and print my pictures. But I wasn't happy how much time I was spending scrolling or looking in random folders looking for :THE ONE: I wanted to add.

When deciding if I want to take a layout towards a certain theme, need a color scheme or digital stamp before printing, I consult   'the binder'.

Crate Paper tags add a bit of sparkle!

Each laminated section has a fun tab for my favorite digital makers.

I have luckily amassed a bunch from Laurel Lane Designs.   Link to shop on sidebar 😊!

After each purchase, I copy the collection image from their catalog into a Word template sheet.  Once it's full, it's printed out on card stock and placed in their lovely sections.   Don't forget to use the back side too!

It's great to organize those newsletter freebies too.  I used to always download them and forget what they looked like. Christine Herrin has some mad card making skilz and I look forward to her email every Tuesday!

Kellie Stamps have gone digital, y'all!

It's a super simple way to organize all your digital lovies!!!



  1. Thanks for sharing more on how you organize your digi files, Kim! I think I need to do this with my brushes as they're the least utilized tool in my digi arsenal. :)

  2. As you know, sometimes it's the little details like brushes that totally make your project...other than flair, that is ;) Thanks for stopping AGAIN, Elise! Love having you here!


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