Make journal cards using only your phone

Digital Stamps:
Kellie Winnell

Working on a recent spread I just didn't like the way the filler and journal cards I had picked were looking with the pictures.  I made my own and thought I would share the love!

Here's what you will need:
1.  a phone ( a smart one. no flip phones allowed)
2. Adobe Color App.
3. A photo editing App.
4. Digital Stamps ( anything in a .png format, really)


The Adobe Color App scans a photo on your phone or you can just point your phone camera to whatever you want to color match. It comes ups with the RGB code of 5 different points on your picture.  

I scanned a picture twice and got two slight variation in coloring.  Picking the colors of my choice to work with I wrote down the RGB code to use in my photo editing app.

I use PicsArt (android) for my photo editing.  Baring a step by step tutorial, I opened a blank drawing page and colored the background in the same RGB code that was written down with Adobe App.

The #1 key to making any phone editing app in this way is to make sure you have two mandatory features.  ADD A PHOTO (some sort of photo layering ability) and ACCESS to where your digital stamps are.  This app allowed me to access DropBox where I have all my stamps loaded to.  Defiantly saves space on your phone!

Then it's time to have fun with your digital stamps! 

Colored Staples on Studio Calico Bursts

Digital Stamps:
 Laura Lane Designs
Kellie Winnell

The layout is cohesive without being too matchy matchy, right?

As a side note, I always have my cheat sheet near me when editing pics and making journal cards. This helps speed up the process because I don't want to be scrolling for the perfect one.  At a glance, I can look at all the collections that I have and pop them into any project.


  1. great spread- i love the pretty color palette!

  2. Oh wow, Kim, what great ideas, thanks for sharing! Love the way your spread came out and your cheat sheet is genius!

  3. Glad you stopped by Elise!


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