Love Where You Live - Week 1

Being a contributor to Little Paper Projects 'Love Where You Live' journaling and memory keeping project is a big thrill. But more importantly, I super excited to document and focus on something that is so near and dear to me.
My Home.
My Home is and always will be the focal part of my earthly existence.  I sleep, eat, raise my kids, do laundry, rest, and create in my home.

This class will take us through different aspects and areas of our homes and it's surroundings for the next 4 weeks and will be the highlight of my Friday Blog Posts.  And if you've seen some of the sneaks on my Instagram feed, you'll know that I will be using a 6x8 album and getting funky with my Becky Higgins Photo fuse tool .  The poor thing doesn't get nearly enough credit to which I thought it needed to come out and stretch it's legs for a bit!

{Title page using Seven Paper large chipboard letters which I painted which an added a artistic black trim. I typed the project title and stitched them onto Project Life's Everyday Edition's 6x6 Project Life Paper  that was purchased from the Clique Kit store.    Acrylic is from ColorCast Designs.}

I purchased 4 dividers from Becky Higgins online so that I could separate the four areas we will focus on.  Each section will have it's own title page and this one is for this weeks prompt 'Inside Home Tour'.  Intentionally smaller so that there would be peaks of what is next showing behind.

{Weaved 2 pieces of patterned paper as well as a picture to create the front side.}

While letting the pictures tell the story itself throughout the tour, I decided to add some 'picture frames' to have my thoughts on this week's prompts on the back of the title page. 

{Laura Lane Designs new releases fussy cut to be picture frames.}  

 The light coming in from the window panes made this awesome pattern on the ceiling which was the inspiration for the fuse cutting.

The next page is intentionally simpler.  I stick to a color scheme in each album but I want to have the range of emotions that come from the different feel of the colors.  These spaces are calming to me therefore I use cooler colors:)

Of course I had to fuse on the backside of the ceiling picture as well so the dryer was a great picture to transform. 

 Our bedroom and bathroom floor where someone thought I needed a drink of water. 

The next page is clearly not calming.  Messes definitely bug me.  

{Journal Card: Big City Quiet Design}

We were asked to document the messy things.  With 2 little ones in the house there is ALWAYS  toys under the couch.  ALWAYS.  This time I was greeted by a red block instead of an army guy.

{Wanted to make a crumb with my fuse by was severely intimidated so I settled for a circle.  Typing was done on a Laural Lane Designs journaling card.}

 The kitchen for me is the center of our home.  The life blood . The epi-center.  I wanted to make sure I talked about it at length.  Here is what I typed:
This is where we make our meals and chit-chat about our day.  Where we argue about who gets to eat the last piece of pie.  Where we nourish our souls after a long day of work or play.  The special space where we learn about and life and girls.  Where we stand with the fridge door open not knowing if we need to eat or get a hug.  Where we re-charge ourselves and our cell phones.  It connects us all daily as we try to understand the whys of like.  To connect to each other and the bond together as a family forever.  The heart of our home...the kitchen.

I hope you will join me each Friday here and on Instagram as I continue to document my favorite place in the whole wide world...




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  1. You're off to a fab start, Kim! Love the colors your using and wow, the things you're trying with your Fuse are great! This is for sure going to be a treasured album! xo


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