Love Where You Live - Weeks 2 and 3

Welcome back!  

I'm glad you have come to see what's been going on in my #lpplovewhereyoulive 6 x 8 project life album.

We left off at the end of Week 1 with an inside home tour and a peek at some special places that I dearly love.

For week 2 we are prompted to have an exterior home tour.  Since outdoor spaces is one of Southern Oregon's special charms, I was glad to oblige.  

As I stated last time, I have an interior title page for each week's prompt.  I saw this upon her new release and thought it would be perfect as a cover card.  Although it would be fun, our house numbers they do not look like that on the exterior of our home:)  Just thought I would present it in a funky way.

When thinking about documenting he outside around our home, I thought the time of day was a great sub category, hence you'll notice the morning, noon, night journal cards.

Morning's light is always so soft and gentle here.  I appreciate it very much since I'm not exactly a morning person.

Again, Laural Lane journal cards we used and a little typewriter action suited this and all the other day cards in this spread.

As things heat up, so do the colors. More warm and brights lend to greens and splashes of colors around our home.

I added a subtle digital stamp to this picture to break up the foliage.

Sunsets here are my absolute favorite. So many incredible colors that oddly enough matched the everyday edition paper I used as filler cards.  

Top it off with a Color Cast Designs wood veneer and you've got a night cap.


On to Week 3

Starting off a little bit busier than the serenity of the sunset pictures but that is kind of my gig:  keeping the 'reader' engaged! Here is the Routine prompt title page for Week 3.

I loved the repetition of the routines and also of the Feed Your Craft  customized flair.  Everyday has it's routines but there is always and emoji to accompany them ;) 

On the backside I wanted a little hidden interactive jem.

The banana boy was too sweet not to include,  he has one every morning!
 I used the fuse too to cut a slit in the pocket so that I could fasten the wood veneer as a closure tab.  

We go on picnics to the park weekly and I love that it has become one of our routines.

Art projects, wrestling, and any type of sporting event is our everyday thing with 4 boys around.

StudioL2E stamps made a plain graph card jazzy in no time with those adorable hexagons.

Reading, coffee and some hoops are always on tap.

The day in review holds way too many 'stuffs' to list.  

Albums are a great reflection of our special events such as weddings and graduations, but it also should highlight all those special moments that happen daily.  That is why I love 'Little Paper Projects' Mission.  Focusing in on a subject, delight in capturing it, and then documenting it. Simple and Pure.  It's a lifetime treasure!


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  1. Awesome pages, Kim, love the photos taken outside around your home at the various times, such a creative idea!


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