Albums inside of Albums

When working on special theme albums such as Week in the Life  , #31minutesfor31days,  or Love Where You Live,  I intentionally choose to put them in a different album than my weekly Project Life because they differ in format, size, and composition.  It's hard to understand the continuity of the projects unless your living in my brain.  Say my 15 year old is looking at my weekly album.  He won't know that I focused that month or that week on a special project if he was just flipping through the big album.

My solution to this chronological dilemma is to include a little snapshot of the album and place it in my weekly album.

In the case for this yellow mini album I did for #31minutesfor31days of October, I took a Becky Higgins Design I sheet ( 3 vertical 4x4 spaces) and cut off one of the pockets.

Then I placed an outside and inside cover picture in the remaining two pockets and  place it in between pages of my bigger album at the appropriate spot. You can use the backside as additional album views or just continue with your weekly spreads.

Now Heaven forbid I fall off a cliff or step off the curb into a bus, but at least the pictures and albums for my family will be understood from my {crazy-theme-and-format-obsessed} chronological point of view brain!

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