3 Creative Ways to Journal (without using a journal card)

I tend not to use a lot of journaling cards in my pocket page layouts because I feel like the story should be told through the pictures and then write just enough to tell what's going.  Of course there are always exception to the rule, but what if you just don't like to journal or your have too many pictures to have space for a journaling card?  Today, I've got 3  ways to incorporate journaling in a creative way if you are anything are like me:)

  1.  Tag it:  You can always attach a tag to a picture but why not attach it to a journaling card?!  Don't you think sometimes 'How on earth am I going to fill up this card with what's going on?'?  Easy enough, this January kit came with so many tags, use them in this style then your are assured not to stress about the wide open spacePicsArt_12-14-11.07.19
  2. Journal on an Embellishment:  Find and open space and use it! This feather had a long line of white space to write my thoughts in.  I think it also adds a bit of whimsy when you're looking for what happened and your eye catches these hidden gems.  It doesn't have to be a lot of space either.
3.  Write on the Picture:  Yes...You Can!  What is the worst that could happen?! Have to print it out again or cover it up with a tag?  Your hand writing is you and part of who you are. Embrace it and make your layout perfectly you!

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