December Daily: Days 11-19

What a delightful project to be doing!  Not only am I really enjoying the curation for Clique Kits, I'm caught up and feel like I'm not taking any shortcuts (yet)! The stories and traditions are still trumping me against "get 'r done" mode

Here are pictures of days 11-19!

I digitally wrote on the picture before printing

a suncatcher makes our hotel room a smidgen more cheery this season.
Had a glorious day and took advantage of it on the 13th.
No holiday season can avoid Urgent Care for us.  Pink eye this time.
This kit came with some exclusive journal cards such as Beary Christmas and December.

Did some weaving along the side.

Our first snow of the year!

Stamp from Kellie Stamps on a double spread!

Thanks for stopping by the blog I really appreciate your time!


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  1. Your pages are coming along so well, Kim, and I'll bet they look so fun on the wall! Have a wonderful Christmas! xo


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