Digital Stamps on pictures from your phone!

If you are a Clique Kit's subscriber did you know you get extra access online in your account that is FREE!

There are cut and printable files designed specifically for each kit!  I use them frequently but not the way you think.  This blog post I will teach you how to add digital stamps using CK printable files, RIGHT ON YOUR PHONE!

I use my phone to take, edit and print all my pictures! Every single picture for the past 5 years has been taken using my phone and I can assure you it probably will be that way for another 5 years.
Let's get started!
Here is my final layout!  We will be adding the 'flawless' stamp with the tutorial

You'll need:
a smart phone
Download 'Dropbox'
Download 'Picsart' (on android AND apple)

  • sign into your CK account on your phone. Go to Header the Clique, then Monthly Downloads

  • Since we are working on January it's there for me.  Most likely you'll have December's there but It really doesn't matter.  The process is the same and in the same place every month. Click 'download file'

  • once it is downloaded - click on the file it should ask you to unzip for you .  

  • Upload all the files to a Dropbox.  I usually put each month in it's own folder and then at the years end, I put it in a year folder.  

  • Open Picsart, and open the picture you would like to add a digital stamp to.
  • Click Add Photo

  • Pick the digital stamp you'd like to use from the Drobox icon
  • This is the one I have chosen. Notice all the files are .png.  That means that the background they are made on is invisible and therefore the perfect match with layering with a photo.  

  • Move it around on the screen when you'd like it, change it's size or opacity and viola!  You have a digital stamp on a picture.  Don't forget to save it then print away!!!

  • One last thing that I do every month is to print out a sheet with a picture of each of the files I have downloaded.  That way I see what digital journal cards, script, stamps or elements are in my personal electronic file folders! For more information about that, visit this blog post :)

 This app does not shrink the size of the .png no matter how large so it won't be fuzzy. Digital stamps always turn out so crisp when you print the picture!

Hope you use those freebies from Clique Kits often!

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