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I felt like I was spending way too much time trying to find the photos I needed for my weekly Project Life or Scrapbooking layout so I came up with a way for me to easily organize and keep track of my pictures. And, in-turn, use the precious time I did have creating and not searching.

Since weekly is how I work on my Project Life album, I printed out cream cardstock with the week numbers using Word and folded each of them in half.  

Once they are printed,  I go through my phone gallery and am able place them in the right week using the time filter.  How do I know if I'm putting them in the right week?  Well my phone does organize by week....

...but I also printed off a weekly calendar from which I keep with all the picture folders. And just 'cause I'm a little crazy too,  I mark off each week with what pictures I used and whether I scrapped or did Project Life. This year I'm also going to jot down what supplies I used like Clique Kits or Kellie Stamps, for each week or layout.

With all the left over photos that didn't make the cut the first time around, they are filed into subjects for easy access later on.   I got this fantastic idea from Amy Tangerine!  She's has a video and a free printable which I've used above for my 2015 picture subjects and will again for 2016.   Some ambiguous time subjects like food and nature shots, I keep a running folder with no year date.  

I then store them all in an old clementine box for easy access!   I'm thinking I need to paint it white when I move into the new house!

Hope this helps you stay on top of your pictures and ensure success with your 2016 memory keeping adventures!  


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  1. What a great idea for keeping your photos organized, Kim!


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