February Blog Hop

Welcome, Welcome!

Thanks for joining us on our February Blog Hop with Clique Kits!

I thought for this blog hop I would take the fabulous Hot Mess Kit , and be inspired by my 4 of my fellow design team members because they have very distinct and wonderful styles!  I made each layout with each designer in mind, thinking, "what would _____create?"  We all have something to learn from each other, and I learn by trying new ways of doing things. Now, after a few months of being on the same team and creating such different work from the same materials, I've come to admire each and every one of them.  Not that I couldn't make 15 layouts for 15 fabulous designers with the massive amount of supplies in each kit, I widdled it down to 4 for the time being! 
So Here goes!!

I was inspired by my teammate Donna!  She always embellishes with such whimsy and elegance! Honestly, I have no idea how she does it to make it come out perfect every time!   In this piece, I just felt lead to make just one embellished corner just like her!

Leigh Ann has such a way with grid designs!  She takes her passion for pocketpages and turns each scrapbook layout into clean and distinct art!  When I grow up I want to be just like her ;) ( cause clearly this layout has a long way to go!)


Elisabetta is so organized but very feminine and delicate with her work!  I probably could have pushed the envelope with the flourishes a bit more or added a doily at least!

Candace is a master at playing with pattern and does black, white and neutrals like I nobody's business. Her subjects are always clear and to the point and I love that about her work!!

Well Thanks for stopping by to see what's up with the blog hop! Don't forget to leave a comment below for a chance to win this special Kit featuring Maggie Holmes, Shine collection!

Gia Lau https://giaaloha.wordpress.com/
Erica Thompson https://ericarosecreates.wordpress.com/
Melissa Vining http://yesterday2day4ever.blogspot.co.nz
*Candace Pearce http://findingeverydayperfection.com/
*Leeann Pearce http://thepaintbrushgoesspottie.blogspot.com.au/
*Carolina Schulz www.carolinaschulz.com
Kat Benjamin http://kraftykat9.blogspot.com
*Leigh Ann Odynksi http://www.artfulleighcreative.com/
Aliza Deutsch http://peopleofthescrapbook.blogspot.com
*Elisabetta Margini https://abcdeliblog.blogspot.com/
Taina Cortes (Evi) http://lifewithevi.blogspot.com
~~~You are Here:)~~~~~~~~~~*Kim Oedekoven http://krodesigns.blogspot.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mariah Hechler www.fun2scrap.blogspot.com/
Megan Blethen www.craftymeggy.com
Kim Allen http://kimsscrappyblog.blogspot.com/
Maryam Perez Osorio http://maryamperez.blogspot.com/
Renee Aslette www.reneeaslette.blogspot.com
Sandy Gonzalez http://craftythought.com



  1. Lovely idea to be inspired by your fellow design team members! And I think you did a great job!

  2. I love that you were inspired by some of the DT members. Great layouts!!

  3. So many layouts! I love them all!

  4. Oh how pretty! Love that last layout!

  5. I love how you were inspired by the girls, all your layouts are amazing!

  6. sweet beautiful pictures layout

  7. Oh wow so much inspiration to take in..love them all!

  8. Fun layouts! That sweet sleeper is adorable!

  9. Love your layouts, and I am totally going to take your idea and use other designers as inspiration. I think I do this subconsciously sometimes, but what a great idea to do it intentionally.

  10. Awesome idea- gathering inspiration from your fellow design team members- and thanks for the shout out! You're a sweetheart, and great pages too!


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