Project Life 2016 || Week 1 & 2

Hello there and welcome to #pocketpagethursday!

I'm totally jumping on the bandwagon that Kellie Winnell and Jessica Upton started to keep them accountable for posting and working on their pocket projects each week.  I need the extra bump too keeping me going throughout the year!

Week 1 is bright and cheerful with yellows and blues! 

Home and Love stamps are from Kelly Purkey shop  December Kit.  Journal cards are from a friends cast off box.  Lucky me!

BTW...I think It's absolutely acceptable to use blurry pictures!  It captures the moment which is so precious to me!

It seems that every spread I do involves a Color Cast Designs acrylic or wood piece. Here it's a yellow hello! Her aesthetic is on point and totally grooving with me!  Cards are again a cast off but the transparent heart if from Freckled Fawn.   We had a light saber sword fight that absolutely needed to be documented.

On to week 2.... 

I love the versitility of digital stamps!  I usually add them to pics before printing but I wanted to change it up this week to make some cards!

Love these dated digitals that I printed out a bunch and just stampled to my card along with my Target alphas.  

 I made this journal card usng the stamp as the brush in Illustrator.  I have plenty of Cheeky fellows in this layout! Again CCD veneer!  

Have a great week you guys!!



  1. Looking good, Kim, love the bright colors on the first page and the fun digital brush work you did on the second!

  2. Thanks for stopping, Elise!


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