Re-Bind Your InkWell Press Planner

I love my Inkwell press!  It is just a joy to write in and it fits my aesthetic perfectly!  My only beef is that it is a little bit bulky to flop in my purse and go.  Yes, they make a quarterly that fits in a travelers notebook and an A5 that makes a KiKKi- K sparkle even more, but I like my bound classic layout and those others are of the flex.  The writing space is just prime for me.

So I ventured to take apart my bound planner and take 3 months at a time and re-bind it!

Here is my step by step instructions on how to perform surgery of the most delicious kind!

Since I make covers for fun , I made this one for my new mini-Inki.

I gently opened the wire so I could reuse it later ;)

I then rolled the coil clockwise to get the pages and covers off!

Made 3 piles: those that I've used and want to store (January), those I want to bind in the smaller bind and those pages that I want to rebind for later.

Loaded the pages on the binding making sure the back page of planner guts is touching against the straight part of the binding. I then used my scissors to cut the wire on the straight part after the last hole. Now I can use this extra piece for a mini book!

Then load the covers on to the binding. Putting the back cover on top of the front cover with correct sides together.

Dial your cinch to the binding size you purchased. Incidentally, from Amazon I bought a pair of  WR memory keepers 3/4 inch in rosey.  I had to figure out which way to load the binding in The Cinch but it makes sense to me now. The straight part of the open binding is in the page holes.   Now push down and you're ready to plan.

I rebound the pages I wasn't using with the binding I gently opened.  Closed just fine and saved it from an ugly existence in a binder clip.

For this first quarter of the year I added sections: Plan Ahead, February, March, April, Extras and Notes.  I also decided to move the pocket to the front for easier access. 

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