HI there!  You've caught me on the first day of the  April Kit reveal AND it's CK's anniversary month!

Today we are going to talk about trying new things. Sometimes I jump right into a project and just do it with out spreading my wings a little bit. But I wanted to show you a few things I've been doing that are new for me!

Here you can see I wanted to use these three pictures in a cluster so I tried which one set the best mood for this layout.

 Of course I ended up using only 3 due to the massive amount of toes present but sided with the yellow stripe from Simple Stories.  He was so cheery, I thought the stripe should be too.  Also, I know the kit comes with these die cuts that spell 'Life' but I loved them too much not to have them go with my precious Eli on here.

I also trimmed the pictures down to a manageable 4 x 4 size.  As I have stated before, I do not print at home but use Walgreens instead and to have me crop and print 4x4's from there is twice the price. So instead,  I use my trusty rotary cutter and see through ruler.  It's found in the quilting section of your craft store and I find that I can get a more precise, clean cut using it instead of a paper trimmer.  

I love using paint as a background just as much as any crafter, but I wasn't so sure it was my thing today.  Playing off the geometric style of the letters, I composed a grid and some dots to use instead.

I finally ended with this layout all clean and fresh.  Hopefully you'll test some new techniques to you that will become favs you'll work into other projects too!

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  1. Definitely a cheery layout, Kim, and love that the die cuts could be used to spell his name! :)


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