Use those freebies!

Yippee, I'm back again! Kim here to share some digital love!  I hope that you are aware that you get so many freebies each month you could really stretch that kit! I figure you could almost double your paper and ephemera alone if you use the cut files and printables each month!


Lets start with this beautiful cut file!  So amazing!  Here's a tip...I found out that after cutting, just trying to pull the paper off the mat is not so fun. But if you place your mat right side down peel the mat away from the paper instead, your results are so much better with the delicate file. 

Here is the printout of this months gorgeous designs!!

I then pieced the background together with bits of printables and paper from the kit.  Those words fit so nicely in the leaves!

I wanted each rose to have the same pattern so I used this soft buttery yellow and made sure all the stripes lined up under my cut paper. Again more printable love here with the 'beautiful day' piece.

 Now time for the ephemera!  Little bits from the die cuts but also quite a few from the printable sheet!

I love the way the butterfly is dimensional and has so much shimmer too!

So glad you could join us today!  See you soon!


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