Week in the Life 2016 | Day 1

Week in the Life 2016 | Day 1

Brown washi tape

Back of the Chipboard divider are pieces of trimmed pictures and other "reject" pictures I wanted to uniquely include. 
Brown washi tape

Using her digital stamps I overlayed to create several fun pictures.
Also changed the color of her 'awesome memory' digital to connect with the page.
Other supplies used:

Again I overlayed Ali's digital, journal cards this time and added phrase stickers from the kit.  Heart paperclip is from Office Max.

Ali's circle digital came only in black so I used a clipping mask to form a striped one to match my skirt. Overlayed another with her word art as well to a full 6 x 8 picture.

Finally, an ice cream shot with my favorite soccer player using  2016 Week in the Life Kit and a 3x4 template.

Here is a 45 second flip through.

Video URL:

I still love using a  mix of physical and digital, overlay and modifying of  Ali Edwards existing designs.  If you have any questions about processes, please comment below and I would be more than happy to answer!

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