Creative Planning: Style Report Summer 2016

I thought it would be fun to walk you my opinion of the top 5 styles of creative planing layouts for summer, through my own work, and talk about where you think you fit in within in or could fit in for one of these categories. I love to plan in a way in a way to help get my juices flowing for other creative endeavors.  By seeing and using my agenda daily, I feel organized, special and inspired for the summer!


Why not incorporate pictures of special summer  memories and people into your layouts?!  I think it's a fun way to remind ourselves why we are trying to be organized and focused on our daily journey.  You can always use an instax or poloriod zip the print off smaller size photos but you can also collage them into a 4x6 picture to print out or use those extra Costco photo strips that come with your order as I have done here.  


This might look like a hot mess to some, but using a color range within a layout might be the direction you would like to head using a summery palate.  Using colored pens and happy stickers and washi tape it certainly is eye grabbing attention. Some people like to color code events or days so at a glance it is noticeable what needs to be done or where to be.  Also. there aren't a lot of action items on this weeks agenda  so this might be a great fit for you if you are having a slow week.  Fill in that extra space with larger fun items!


Part bored, part space filler, part creative process but doodling is very therapeutic for me.  It (weirdly) rests my brain in order to center and be more focused on the next task.  If you are not a doodler, I would suggest using stamps that look like doodles or handwriting to stamp in the same color as your pen to build a seamless layout and no one will ever know you 'cheated'! Summer is a great time to sit in a porch swing and doodle while the kids are playing in the sun!


I love to push the creative envelope when it comes to planning.  Using colored pencils or even watercolor paint is totally cool in my book. It's fun getting ready for summer time and incorporating those summer fun things.  Here is a tip,  After coloring in your picture, use Gamsol to smooth out those pencil marks.  It will make it look super slick too!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to all the frills that you assume creative planning entails.  This layout is neat, contained and organized in a way that is calming and subtle as summer should be.  As I have creatively planned through the years, this is by far the one I lean to the most.  Of course it depends on my weekly mood, but I have 4 boys running around like crazy, it's nice to look at the docket and feel refreshed!

I hope you have enjoyed my style report!  Let me know if you fit any particular one or if you have come up with your own style!

Lots of Love!

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